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Rental for private individuals

Choose a car that is always ready to support you and set your projects in motion. Do you want a spacious car to accommodate the whole family? Do you want to discover new places to visit? Do you love sports cars with an inimitable design? Or perhaps you are fascinated by a particular model, with advanced technology and an edge. Light up your ideas, recharge your batteries and rent the car of your dreams. There is no better opportunity than this to treat yourself to a treat at an accessible and competitive price.

Are you still wondering “can I really?”
Yes, you can. Rent to believe.

The customer's wishes are at the center of our work. Satisfying them with commitment and professionalism is our mission. We want to know who you are, what you like, who you want to become. Knowing you is the first step, the most important of all, because it allows us to step on the accelerator of your emotions, to surprise you and make your rental experience special with Italy Car.

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